What is endomarketing?

What is endomarketing?

Endomarketing is an institutional marketing strategy oriented to internal actions in the company. It is also called internal Marketing and seeks to improve the image of the company among its collaborators, culminating in a motivated team and reducing the turnover.

Endomarketing is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover (employee turnover rate) and attract highly qualified professionals to the company.

The strategy helps to create and develop an image of good place to work in order to become the employment of dreams for many people.

As marketing should start from the inside out, we will give you ten tips on how to implement a successful internal marketing strategy in your company.

What does endomarketing mean?

Internal marketing is an institutional marketing strategy specific to the company’s internal actions. It is also known as internal Marketing and its goal is to improve the company’s image among its employees, which culminated in a motivated team and reduce turnover (turnover rate).

The importance of the investment in this strategy revolves around the influence of the collaborators within the company-they have daily contact with all the processes and that makes them more apt to think and influence the people regarding the brand in general .

For example, let’s imagine the collaborators of a restaurant. As they are satisfied with the work and conditions within the company, they tend to talk more about the benefits and benefits for their family and friends.

This makes all these people come to have a different perception of that business: they begin to see the company in a more human and charismatic way, developing a feeling of “adoration” for the business.

Considering the gigantic amount of new companies that arise every day, when we think of that kind of influence, we need to consider: why big companies stand out in the market

RH and Marketing

In spite of the name, Endomarketing is not only summarized in marketing actions.

It is a combination of actions between RH and the marketing sector of the company. RH needs to meet the needs of its collaborators, transforming problems in possibilities of improvement and working to ensure the best working environment for them.

That’s really a four-handed job.

Endomarketing needs to motivate employees, making them really feel a big part in the company.

For this, RH and marketing team need to join forces and work on the interaction of the collaborator with the company, developing day-to-day activities that result in a greater motivation of the team.

Actions that stimulate the participation of the family together with the company, trainings to train the employees and make them more and more skillful and prepared to face the activities of the day to day, exchange of experiences among the collaborators, Valorisation of individual and team performance, showing the positive perception of the company regarding the good work carried out by the team.

There are few companies that really are attentive to the need to invest in endomarketing actions. However, those that understand the importance end up being considerably on the market.

Importance of Endomarketing

Why work with endomarketing?

Before you invest in this strategy, it is essential to understand how your business can affect you. The following is shown:

Most motivated contributors

The endomarketing helps in the motivation of the collaborators. This happens because the company is more open to the ideas and improvements that the employees have to offer.

The motivation of the employees increases considerably by realizing that they are inserted in an environment that worries about the quality of the work and the well-being.

Productivity optimization

As well as motivation, productivity also becomes a reality within companies with good endomarketing strategies.

When the collaborators feel more motivated and satisfied with their work, they execute it in a better way, with a more proactive attitude and guaranteeing the best results for the business.

Lower Rotatividad of employees

Once again the motivation is linked to another advantage of endomarketing.

When we think of collaborators more motivated and satisfied with the working environment in which they are inserted, it is remarkable that the rotatividad of employees decreases.

Perceiving that it is inserted in a work environment that appreciates the quality and well-being of the collaborators, few are willing to leave the company-not thinking only about the salary, but because of the importance that the company gives to all its employees.

Most loyal and committed collaborators with the company

It is placed in the collaborator’s place: You would also feel more welcomed by a company that cares about your needs and suggestions to improve the day to day of the company. This directly impacts on the loyalty and commitment that employees develop with the place where they work.

The company happens to have a healthier and more pleasant organizational environment

When the company is concerned about the quality of work and the well-being of its collaborators, the flow of activities is adjusted and the processes continue to be followed more precisely. This influences the performance of the team and the increase of positive results, since it impacts directly on the productivity and the results of the company.

Quality of work and well-being

Some day-to-day activities are stressful.

Many contributors end up letting that kind of moment at work affect their well-being. When the company cares about the health of its employees, the working environment becomes more enjoyable and we notice a considerable improvement in the mental health of the team and the decrease of stress in the offices.

What is necessary to implement the endomarketing?

The first step is to remember that the endomarketing will work the internal part of the company, always focusing on the collaborators and the perception of the same about the place where they work.

To do this, it is necessary to do a job that understands the greatest needs and difficulties of the team of your company. It’s at that hour that RH comes in.

This sector needs to get in touch with all employees and talk about what they think about the company, what are the things that need to be changed and restructured and how the company can help them daily.

Once these information is lifted, it is time to start structuring endomarketing actions. These actions should bring the collaborator closer and closer to the company.

Among the most common practices of endomarketing, we find the training of teams that helps in the leveling of the collaborators, in addition to promoting the exchange of experiences and increasing the interaction between them in the day to day.

In addition, we also perceive that the bonus for results has also been very much worked out by companies that have already attended the need to invest in internal marketing.

Improvement in internal communication processes

Internal communication is the key to the implementation of actions that can help in the improvement of the working environment. Therefore, it is essential that your company works to improve communication processes with collaborators.

This is important for transforming the dialogue within the company into a double-hand way, where employees also have a voice and are able to express opinions and suggest improvements in internal processes. This kind of attitude makes people who are inside the company feel more and more useful and fundamental to the performance of the business, increasing the motivation of the whole team.

Importance of Endomarketing
Lectures and Motivational Events

In thinking about increasing the motivation of the team and in the help of the personal growth of each one of the collaborators, the conducting of lectures and motivational events is fundamental so that each important piece of the company is able to structure its Professional path, drawing personal growth objectives and listing objectives that can be achieved with the help of the company.

These conferences tend to add positively to the personal and professional training of each one of the collaborators, giving them a greater base of knowledge and preparation to face the activities and demands of the market.

As well as the clients, the collaborators are also increasingly presenting the interest in the education and the capacity to make the own decisions. The company needs to position itself positively to that demand, presenting itself as a supporting hand for these objectives.

Integration initiatives

Bringing the collaborators closer to the company is essential to ensure that they are identified with business and feel a fundamental part of the processes. Integration initiatives precisely translate the proximity of each employee with the entire team and the company.

Sean Happy hours or late-year parties, the company needs to invest in ways to increase proximity and friendship among its collaborators.

Another way of integrating the collaborators is the implementation of groups of studies that aim to increase the knowledge and the well-being of the participants through the exchange of experiences and the intellectual growth with the collaborative learning.

If you perceive a common interest among employees for specific activities such as career, it is interesting to work on the formation of collective exercise groups, making integration between people go beyond the work environment.

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