Slideshare in your marketing strategy

Slideshare in your marketing strategy

In the race for increasing the audience, it seems almost impossible to find other ways to make your content marketing reaches your audience often the quality and probability of success if you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

However, there are other social networks that can be the big difference in your company, the one trump card that nobody thought yet.

One of them is the Slideshare.

You’ve heard, but you don’t know exactly what it’s about? You’ve never heard of him? Never mind. Just know that the Slideshare has 70 million of visits per month and is one of the most comprehensive content exchange platforms you’ve ever seen or going to see.

Wait, it’s not just that you need to know No.

You need to know the potential of that social network and how to use it in your marketing strategy, fleeing from the obvious and conquering a fairly select and committed audience.

And of course we went looking for those (and other information) to help you create a more complete and daring marketing strategy.

Why use Slideshare?

70 million of visits per month is really not a small number, but there are many other reasons for you to start considering the Slideshare as a good option to integrate your marketing channel mix.

It’s so interesting that Linkedin even bought the platform in 2012, in a 119 million dollar operation.

For you to know this tool completely, let’s start with the basics.

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a social network sharing presentations as well as the name says. But it is not a presentation, like that Power Point badly made of the last meeting of your company.

They are inspirational, make stimulating presentations that attract the user’s attention and click to see the next and the next slide.

It is a space for you to share stories in a visual format, with well thought out design, the pertinent and provocative conversations that make your audience want to download, view and share their content.

You can also consider a great tool to search for content, since there have been more than 18 million uploads to the platform, with content ranging from design to business management.

Why is Slideshare good for your company?

The list of reasons why you start considering Slideshare as a good marketing bet starts with a low level of competition.

While most companies are concerned about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, you can take full advantage of Slideshare’s potential without finding all of its competitors there. But that’s not all:

SlideShare, marketing Strategy

Select and qualified audience

The public Slideshare knows what you’re looking for.

In this social network the user follows favorite topics, ie topics relevant to him. Entering the topic, which has an overview of the latest publications and also the most popular, which makes it easier to search for relevant and useful content.

Community of followers

By sharing quality content, you can create a community of followers for your company, as well as in other social networks, with the advantage of not having to be attentive to thousands of interactions, because the dialogue between users is not the main focus of that social network.

Slideshare What he wants is to show his knowledge and win his audience for content.

Slideshare is also a great source of traffic, both for your blog, the site and social networks.

If your content has real value for the user, nothing prevents you from entering the profile of your company and see other information about your business.

Strengthening the brand
As the focus of Slideshare presentations has great stories and inspiring content, and reach out to a select audience to strengthen their brand showing all the know-how of their staff.

It is a great way to distribute full, intelligent and highly shareable content.

Generation of Leads
Yes, you can generate potential customers with Slideshare!

With a very intuitive tool, you add forms to your content so that visitors leave your data and begin to relate to your brand through email marketing.

Evolution of the Strategy
Slideshare also has an analysis tool that allows you to track the performance of your content on the platform.

Traffic sources, commitment, more viewed content and a series of information that will help you explore the full potential of that social network to generate more results for your company!

Stop talking about benefits, because you’ll notice them as soon as your content strategy to work on Slideshare.

How to make an amazing presentation at Slideshare

We talked about what type of presentation can not go to Slideshare, that of his last meeting, with huge texts, unattractive graphics and no visual appeal.

Now it’s time to show what kind of content is successful in Slideshare and how it can be created!

What to share in Slideshare

You can share slideshows, e-books, infographics, elaborate graphics, photo sequences or images, an infinity of things that have the potential to transform into great content and thereby gain the attention of your audience.

It is important to note how your company wants to be remembered after a share in Slideshare.

That presentation that was a bore or that presentation that was so impressive that users shared with their networks?

Less is more

One of the reasons Power Point’s presentations fail is precisely because of the amount of information people insist on placing in a limited space.

The great thing to do a successful presentation on Slideshare is creating clean presentation with a message-short and objective-each slide.

It does not contaminate your slides with a lot of images and texts that overlap them.

Always choose the images that give space for text and enter specific information, without spreading too much about it. After all, if your audience wanted to read a blog send a technical report or a book, I would not be on a presentation exchange platform.

Stunning images

If your presentations are usually filled with emoticons or Windows cliparts, forget all this right now.

There are dozens of banks with pictures, vectors, gifs and other amazing ways to create unforgettable presentations.

Therefore, remove the wallet from your pocket and invest in professional images that add value to your presentation.

The images you insert should always be in the context of your message, reinforcing the idea you want to review. They must also arouse emotion, create connection with the reader so that they feel like moving forward.

Your visual content is processed much faster than written content.

SlideShare, marketing Strategy
Creative sources

Are your presentations always in Times New Roman, Arial or Colibri?

When you want to be funny use Comic Sans? None of that! Slideshare is an emotion, it is visual appealing, it is enchantment through the image, so forget about the traditional sources.

Try to use unused fonts, which give a different look to their content. Change font sizes for emphasis on some keyword or to arouse an emotion in your reader.

Ah, but you don’t get too excited! At most three sources for each presentation, but your message will look like a true salad of letters. A good question is to use the source of your logo, to reinforce the image of the brand.

Vivid colors, cheerful, but without exaggerations

Colors are also important for a successful presentation.

Which ones should be used? It depends on your target, but here are some tips: if you are going to use bright colors, always have a neutral background, so as not to impair reading; If you use black and white, always insert a color gradient to give depth; Always use contrasting colors to highlight your text.

Here is also extra tip: nothing to get into a real rainbow in your presentation.

Location of items

The images of the center are always the best asked, after all, they are well in the field of vision of the reader. Not good! If you want to draw the attention of your audience, never let the information centralized as it becomes boring.

Use the third rule: divide the slide into three equal parts horizontally and vertically. The most important information is inserted in the upper third horizontal.

You will also dimension them so that they are aligned to the right or to the left, to enlarge the soft space and make your slide more visually comfortable.

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