Service Marketing

Service Marketing

You’ve probably heard someone say that marketing is the soul of the business. But that is not to say that all entrepreneurship should be promoted in the same way.

Each company has different circumstances that need to be taken into account when it comes to setting up a successful marketing strategy.

For example, the service sector is increasingly moving the economy, and it is not useful to follow exactly the tactics used in promoting products.

Instead, it is necessary to adopt specific practices that help convince customers and meet their expectations.

No matter what kind of service you offer, knowing and following closely the principles of marketing services is essential to stand out in the marketplace.

What is service marketing?

It is very easy to differentiate a product from a service. But… What if they asked you to define the two concepts?

Even knowing clearly distinguishing the 2, it is more complicated to explain what a service is to give the definition of product, isn’t it? This challenge also applies when it comes to marketing.

Service marketing is basically a set of tactics that help explain the value of the service and convince the customer to choose a specific company.

In the end, the same service can have different utilities, depending on the customer’s objective. In addition, recruitment criteria also change.

Competition is strong: Other service providers, products that promise to do more for customers and even inertia (when the customer desists from hiring a service because that will give work).

In the midst of so many variables, service marketing is the best solution for companies of that kind not to become hostages of luck when it comes to getting customers.

What are the 7 Ps of service marketing?

A superficial explanation is not enough for those who really want to put this strategy into practice and get results from it.

For this it is important to understand well the principles on which the marketing of services is based and what is the role of each one in the mission to convince the people to become clients.

You may have heard about the 4 P marketing. But when it comes to selling services, that number is almost doubled: that’s 7!

See what are the 7 Ps of service marketing and how to observe each of them when you assemble your planning:


Are you talking about services, and the first item is product? It seems strange, but the truth is that all service contains a product, ie a result that will generate value for the customer.

It is essential that you have good in mind what the product your business sells.

For example: Think of a company that does maintenance of any kind. She sells the prospect that the client has a new computer for a lower price.

Knowing the product is crucial not to run too far from what customers want and to stay behind in the market.

Service Marketing


Fixing the price is a challenge, and in the case of services even more, as some subjective factors enter the scene and, depending on the field of activities, similar tasks can have completely different values.

Establishing a standard based on market values, time spent in activity, necessary qualification of service, and other relevant elements may be helpful.

This will help you to be fair to customers without losing profitability, which is the ultimate goal of the business.


The square refers to the place used to perform the work. Will it be in a place of your own or in the house of the clients? Can it be done remotely or do you need to be personally?

In addition, it implies the necessary logistics, for example, to determine deadlines, locomotion distances and agenda availability.

All these aspects will make a difference in the company’s ability to execute its function with quality as in the choice of the clients.


The promotion refers to all that is done in terms of communication with the public to disclose the services offered.

This implies from the message used in advertisements to the language adopted to communicate with followers on social networks.

In the promotion of a service, it is essential to be innovative, dynamic and human to conquer the confidence of the people and to generate a perception of greater value in the service that is being offered.


To be hired again by the customer, it is not enough to finish the service. Expectations must be addressed or exceeded whenever possible.

Developing efficient work processes is one way to ensure that this always happens.

When the process is well established internally, it makes it easier to show customers how the service will be done.

When faced with several options, customers often choose the one that seems safest, and processes will be a valuable marketing weapon in that regard.


Who will choose to stay with you, or, even more, to represent you in the provision of services?

The qualification of the staff working with you is of immense value, because if they are not well trained (and treated), the professionals will not be able to satisfy the customers and maintain the level of quality.

A competent team generates more business, loses less resources and manages to motivate customers to recommend service to others-the famous word of mouth.


Palpation refers to the physical evidences of service that should be reported. Because it is something intangible, it is necessary to give small visual clues that help the client to visualize the value of the offer.

This includes a number of factors, from the way service providers dress up to the Web site, social networks, and business cards.

The more “palpable ” The service becomes the customers, the greater the chances of hiring.

Service Marketing
Difference between the marketing of services and the marketing of the product

Is there any difference in the way products and services should be disclosed? For sure!

There are many different characteristics between the 2, which end up transforming quite a way of attracting and loyalty to customers. Unlike the products, we can say that the services are:


As has already been highlighted, services are intangible, in the sense that unlike a product, which can be touched and manipulated, a service is much more abstract.

Think, for example, in a medical or legal consultation. A service was borrowed, but the value generated there is intangible and cannot be perceived in the same way as when we buy a common good.


It is impossible to separate the service of the individual who performs it. With a product does not happen, even if there is a manufacturing defect.

That is why we make it so clear the importance of taking good care of the people who are in front of your company in the attention to the clients.

Having a well-qualified team is a card on your sleeve, while a problematic team will make your marketing work even harder.

The variables

As much as the professional is, a service will never come out exactly like another. And it is not difficult to understand the reason: the variables are altered each time.

The customer will be different, the place can change, the climate, the concentration of the professional, the requirements of the service and a number of other aspects make the results different.

This makes the marketing of services more challenging because it is difficult to anticipate the customer’s reaction, prevent problems with the materials, etc.

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