SEO for videos

SEO for videos

When it comes to SEO no longer doubt that this is one of the best investments in digital marketing that a company can do.

But, perhaps something that still takes a lot of surprise is the fact that SEO is also very important for a successful video strategy.

The videos are a trend that is here to stay, and either decide to house them on their own page or bet on the strength of sites like Youtube, you have to work hard to have a good performance.

How does SEO videos work? Why is it worth investing in it? What are the necessary steps for this? We’re going to answer all this for you now. Here we go!

Why use SEO for videos?

Actually, after passing the initial strangeness, it is very simple to understand why it is a good decision to adopt the SEO videos.

After all, if SEO is using various strategies to optimize the content and pages of a site for search engines, why should videos be left to chance?

In the same way that brings a very high return on investment to blogs, destination pages and other digital applications, it is very important for the success of a video strategy.

How SEO works for videos

Perhaps a doubt that is going through your mind has to do with the way SEO works normally.

The first thing we normally think of is the keywords, which are distributed by the text, and identified by the search engines when indexing the content.

But, this is just a fraction of SEO, even when it comes to written content. There are still several other techniques that are part of the optimization.

In the case of the videos the keywords are still there, only in a different way. And they also represent only a portion of the work.

However, it is always important to remember that it is not good to run the best strategy possible to optimize the quality of the content is not very high, and there is no regularity in the production of videos.

And who’s going to rankear their videos? Search engines and video sites-like Youtube and Vimeo. Each one has its own classification criteria, which you must attack.

SEO for Videos

Steps to make the perfect SEO planning for the videos

Now that you know how SEO works for videos and it’s worth making use of it in your own digital marketing strategy, you need to learn how to do it, don’t you?

See 4 simple steps that you must follow closely to make an accurate planning and have your videos reaching the maximum number of people possible:

Define your Goals

The first step is obviously to define the objectives of the business, ie what the company has the intention of SEO for videos.

There are several possible objectives, such as:

Increase conversions.

Generate recognition for the brand.

Get more links and share social.

To strengthen and diversify the content strategy.

Depending on your target, you will have a different approach to the content to be produced, the distribution channels and the forms of disclosure.

Select the channel and the type of content you are going to produce.

After defining the role of the videos in your strategy, you can determine what better content to produce and the appropriate channels to distribute it.

For example, if the idea is to sell a product it is good to create an offer video and publish it on your site, not just on Youtube. Why?

In it you can control better who is going to access that content, and direct visitors who are in the middle and bottom of the funnel for him.

Find the Keywords

Keyword search is fundamental to SEO, that’s no secret to anyone.

Based on the knowledge you already have of your people, you can do that research and identify the interests of who will see your videos.

If you already have a solid SEO strategy for your blog, for example, you can even take advantage of the same keywordsagain, as long as your goal with the videos is similar.

Understand the resources you have at your disposal

There are so many resources,tools, good practices, expert advice-out there to help you do a good job of optimizing, but you need to take some time to understand all of them.

This will avoid a lot of repeat work, make sure that you are not following the black hat practices and see the results come faster.

Benefits of investing in SEO for videos

Just as you cannot deny the benefits of investing in SEO for posts on a blog or e-commerce sales you can also not deny the positive impact you have on the videos.

Increase organic traffic

One of the most common advantages of SEO is just to help in the increase of organic traffic, even for the purpose of optimization, which is to make it easier for others to find the content they created.

Logically, with the videos is no different: who has the best optimization strategy wins more views and has the opportunity to conquer more fans.

SEO for Videos

Promote public engagement

The videos can be used in incredible ways, and are powerful sources of engagement with the public.

Of course, the more people attend them–what happens on account of the optimization–the greater the degree of that commitment will be.

If you prefer videos a few seconds in Instagram or more elaborate productions on Youtube, the focus with the audience is a constant.

Popularizing content

Viralization is almost a myth pursued relentlessly by many companies, but not enough to create something interesting and waiting for a miracle, does not agree?

SEO is one of the many variables that need to fit in for viralization to happen.

But while it is impossible to predict what is to come or not, it is certainly plausible to expect its content to become popular enough for the established objectives to be conquered.

Best results for the business

There is no other foresight than meeting the goals for a company that manages to succeed in its plans to attract and retain the attention of a large number of people.

The trend is that meeting the demand of the public through quality materials and working with the objectives always defined in mind, the fruits of the work appear as fast as possible.

How to optimize your videos for Youtube

Youtube is, without a doubt, the most popular and recognized site in the world, both in terms of how to create and transmit videos.

Web series tutorials and live events, the site-which belongs to Google-has everything that content producers need to shine and be successful.

But I know that some basic SEO practices can also affect your Youtube videos?

See how to optimize them and get closer to the objectives defined at the beginning of planning:

Invest in the channel as a whole

Investing in the optimization of each video is a great way to make all of them have a good performance and get a good flow of organic traffic.

But it is crucial that you invest in the channel as a whole: from design to highlight video, through playlists and links to other digital channels of the brand, everything is relevant.

Create titles that interest viewers

Did you create the most amazing video on the Internet? Excellent! But how do you make people care about him?

The answer is simple: By creating titles that are as good as the content. But how to do it?

A good title should be interesting both for Rankeación’s algorithms for having very sought-after keywords-as for the public.

Work without haste in the description of the video

While many leave the description of the video and concentrate only on the quality of the material to gain views, that field exists for a reason.

The description is one of the means that Youtube uses to understand what the video is about, and recommend it to users who would have more interest in the topic.

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