Instagram ads: Learn to conquer your audience

Instagram ads: Learn to conquer your audience

You can make many ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media. Instagram is one of the new members of this group and as a good professional, you will not want to stay behind.

Many studies and tests have been conducted since 2013 in countries like the United States and the UK to develop and improve the experience of companies and users regarding the ads on the Instagram platform.

Some users feared this new functionality of the application, believing that the presence of advertisements hindered their experience.

However, companies then recognize a unique opportunity to penetrate even more into one of the social networks that have grown the most in recent years.

Initially, Instagram itself chose only some of the most relevant agencies and brands in the market to advertise on the platform, in order to make a curation of content to not impoverish the experience of users and leave many people Angry.

Many of you have already seen some sponsored publication of big brands in your Instagram feed.

As you would with any photos, videos and profiles of the application, users can interact with the ads, giving the taste, commenting on the Photos/videos and following the profile of The Advertiser.

In addition, another possible interaction is made through CTA, which can redirect the user to some link and even to the application stores, for example.

In this beginning, the tool made it clear that ads should seek to improve the user experience, thus ensuring that you can continue to receive quality content on your calendar.

This way, the user can provide feedback about the ads.

If you’re not interested, just click “sponsored ” at the top right of the ad and then “hide that “. The application will then provide some options for the user to justify the choice.

This reaction is important to improve the algorithm of the application, so that in the future the most relevant advertisements for each user can be recognized and better orientated.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

The GlobalWebIndex launched in the analysis of networks on the users of Instagram and was found to be the social network with the greatest presence of young people, which is a data of great relevance to advertisers.

In addition, it is the social network that is growing today. Instagram itself revealed that the network reached 500 million of users with active accounts worldwide.

Nobody wants to stay out of an opportunity as big as this, do they?

Ads on Instagram

Who can advertise on Instagram?

At first, only big brands and advertisers could create ads of all kinds to reach large public parcels.

But the goal of Instagram was to make ads with photos and videos, produced by small and medium-sized companies, also reach users.

Thus, the exclusivity of the big brands is over and any company can pay to advertise on Instagram. Therefore, it is essential that you and creative content and well-elaborated ad ntregue to all users of the network.

How can brands be prepared to advertise on Instagram?

So what your company should do to advertise on Instagram?

The platform itself already gives some examples of companies whose implementation strategy is already high-level and extremely relevant to the public.

Some brands have good examples of well-made ads.

Take a look and understand how many brands are already using the tool to publish ads and be attentive to the type of strategy they use to reach the general public.

In addition, this is the best time for companies to invest more and more in the production of relevant content for Instagram, as the network will become more and more competitive.

Source of inspiration: Tips for Instagram ads that call attention

Instagram was developed with the main objective of sharing visually attractive information.

The goal of each user is to make your photos or videos appear with the best possible visual in the feed of the friends and followers.

This same principle also applies to the marks, since, before introducing sponsored posts, wanting or not, the marks were just like other normal users of the Instragram, with the only differential of a counting of followers infinitely higher than the Average.

So it’s important that brands continue to produce compelling content, whether it’s an ad or not.

Some tips for success with Instagram ads:

Keep focus on visual content

We don’t need to explain much this suggestion: Instagram is a purely visual network and having a shocking image or video that calls the attention of users is essential to the success of your ad.

Use quality images and videos that demonstrate well who your brand is.

Use hashtags

Many brands are looking to use the hashtags associated with the brand or lifestyle that pleases the public that follows them in Instagram.

It is a good way to call more attention to its content, as well as being a great way to measure who and what they are talking about their brand. But remember: Use only relevant hashtags that are related to content and your company.

Ads on Instagram
Do not make exaggerated productions

Instagram is a social network with its own language: Super Productions do not fit well in the site.

Be real, show your personality and pass a true message: Your ad should sell your service and product in a way that enchants users of Instagram enough to be interested in their brand.


Perhaps it is the intimacy or ease of having access to photos and contents in the palm of the hand, but normally users of smartphones and tablets are more likely to interact with brands via mobile devices than through a computer Laptop or desktop.

Knowing this facility-by the fact that Instagram is a platform used through your smartphone-many brands try to encourage users to share all kinds of content posted on their Instagram accounts with their friends and followers.

This is great news: If your ad is well done, probably noticed by users of the social network.

Tip: When a customer places something on their brand, bet on the forwarding of that content.

This strategy, in addition to promoting the brand, values the follower who has published on it, and can increase the commitment it has with your company.

This is because the customer receives visibility within a large volume of brand followers, while the brand becomes more and more visible to publics that may not have reached it before.

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